Famiglietti & Famiglietti, LLC is a general practice law firm whose team is experienced in a broad range of practice areas.

Real estate services-buying, selling and refinancing- personal injury and workers compensation, and probate and estate planning-wills, trusts, living wills, appointment of healthcare representatives, durable powers of attorney, and related future planning.

They are also skilled in forming and dissolving business organizations and can advise you on the best type—partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations—for your needs.

Attorney Anthony O. Famiglietti* has been practicing law for more than 30 years and brings a wealth of experience and stability to the practice.

Attorney Jason S. Famiglietti*, Anthony’s son, is a person whose thoroughness and professionalism are often recognized and sought after.

The team joined forces in 1999 and works toward a common goal of providing quality, comprehensive and diverse practice experience to provide clients with the best guidance and representation.

They are together not just because of their familial connection, but also because of a shared commitment to the legal profession and helping others.